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Commercial Solar Arrays from Arcon Solvarme, Denmark

We chose our partners very carefully with regard to having the correct product for commercial size solar thermal installations and are very happy to work with a company with the reputation and experience of Arcon Solvarme from Denmark.


Arcon manufacture the HT family of collectors in their purpose built factiory in Denmark and is one of Europes highest performing flat plate collectors, efficient enough to supply even complex installations like district heating and cooling. Their range of collectors and proven performance highlights ARCON as a market leader in the development and manufacture of large solar collectors. This is proven by the experience of the company that has installed the worlds largest solar array of 17,081 m2 in Denmark with many similar sized arrays in planning throughout Europe. Their highly trained team can install up to 500m2 in one day dramatically reducing the cost of installation.


The HT-SA flat plate collector is maintenance free. Both the collector and joints require no extra care. The expected lifetime of the solar collector is 25yrs. For enhanced monitoting the solar systems can be equipped with

  • Monitoring & metering over the web
  • Variable Flow Programming
  • Advanced PLC Controlling

Please take a look at following the promotional pfd documents available to downlaod:


Commercial Solar Brochure (pdf)
Technical Details - ARCON HT-SA - 12.5m2 Collector (pdf)