Darionti Ltd. T/A WoodHeat
The Old Creamery - Connonagh - Leap - Co. Cork
Tel/Fax: +353 (0)28 34411

About us

Woodheat began in 2004 in response to the need for sustainable and environmentally sound energy options.

We are an established biomass and solar heating company with hundreds of systems operating well across Ireland to date, benefitting the environment and saving our customers their hard earned money!

We have the experience that comes with time and practice of installing wood and solar thermal heating systems into the existing Irish market, knowing the particular requirements necessary to acheive reliable and safe operations for the long haul.

Our area of expertise are;

-energy demand and sizing of boilers and thermal stores

-energy controls and heat management for reducing primary energy needs

-chimneys and draft pressure 

-combustion and fuel quality

-hydronic set up and integration with other heating sources

-silos, augers, vacuum transport and control systems

-supply, install and servicing of appropriate equiment to customers


Fossil fuels are diminishing over time and that there are good and workable alternatives that are proven in the field. These solutions are required to operate similarly to what customers are used to, in that they have to be fully automatic, easy to operate and understand and have a minimum of maintenance. We selected sensible and affordable technologies that are backed up by decades of experience when choosing our suppliers.

We have focused primarily on wood pellet central heating systems to change from an oil/gas, and now use solar in conjunction as these two technologies work exceptionally well together.

Our pellet storage solutions have exceptional features and allow dust free and reliable operations. Our silos were the first to receive bulk deliveries in Ireland.