Darionti Ltd. T/A WoodHeat
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We specialise in wood and solar thermal systems for the domestic and small commercial market. 

We sell, installl and provide services for;

WOOD PELLET BOILERS from 20kW TO 300Kw, with and without buffering

SILOS FROM 3 TO 25 TON, for inside or outdoor use





SOLAR PANELS AND CONTROL SYSTEMS with heating support and specialty systems for seasonal thermal storage (UP TO FIELD SIZE) for larger users

ENERGY ANALYSIS AND CONTROL MANAGEMENT- consulting services to carefully size, and design energy thermal systems for efficent use.


Whether you are replacing or upgrading an existing heating system, or in the planning stage of a new development, we engage ourselves in all processes - from existing energy use evaluation, to planning, consulting, to final installation and follow up service to enable a complete energy solution for long-term use.

Oil is now almost twice as expensive as pellets;


So, for example, if you are burning 2000 litres of oil each year, an investment in a stove can provide 1/3rd or more of your space heating needs and therefore a quick payback. A stove/boiler is a good option if changing your heating system.


Larger users, from guest house to hotels and alike where the burning of 5-100 ton of oil (or gas) is the norm, good operational savings from our efficient and proven commercial pellet systems will be met. We are keen to support this sector to make Ireland more competitive while addressing environmental needs. 






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options from
from 20kW-300kW

Flat Plate & Evacutated Tubes
for space heat and hot water

and Augering Systems

Wood Pellet Silos up to 25t

High quality - low maintenance


Wood Pellet Stoves
Designed for Space & Central Heating
up to 11kW, very quiet, ceramic options, remote contol, variable outout



Buffer Tanks
Thernal stores;

-better heat management through proper stratification 
500ltr - 15,000ltr

Log Boilers 
Gasification boilers
up to 102kW


The links above will contain technical details on each product and we have an overview of all our products and systems available to downlaod using the following link:  Full Product Catalogue (pdf)


Woodheat is a motivated company established in 2004 with a highly capable staff that has your satisfaction as our main focus. We have 3 main objectives in installing a wood pellet and/or solar thermal renewable energy solution:

  1. Help protect the environment from damaging CO2 emissions.
  2. Help our customers save money on fuel costs - over 50% savings using pellets over oil are easily achievable with a well installed, efficient system.
  3. Offer long-term value. The boilers and solar panels we use are robust and installed for long life, 20 years plus, and reliable and easy to use and maintain.

Our wood pellet boilers and solar panels are from European companies with decades of experience in renewable fuel heating technology to meet all the above requirements.

Click on the image for more details and to download brochures.If you need more information or wish to talk to our experienced staff, please contact us.